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Aloe Oil

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  • Ingredient: 100% Natural Plant Extracts Aloe vera
  • Apply skin: All Skin
  • Usage : Moisturize, Hydrated Fade, Wrinkles, skin body care
  • Certification: International Essential Oil Association
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Brand: Akarz

Beauty care
Aloe oil is a natural vegetable oil with C12~C14 fatty acids, which contains 169 kinds of beneficial ingredients.
It can be widely used in food, cosmetic, medicine, chemical and other fields.
Is good for all kinds of skin, especially for oily skin and easy to inflammation of the skin is very helpful function. Is a natural colloidal material, water retention wood (lignin), with strong osmotic substances, can help nutrients penetrate into the skin of Gleditsia sinensis Lam Saponons, with strong cleaning and antibacterial effects, natural saponin containing anthraquinone complex, have antiphlogistic, detumescence, inhibit bacterial growth, antipruritic, analgesic effect. With moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, anti allergy and other cosmetic effect directly. And suppressed by the skin surface of pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria, to kill harmful to human skin mites, prevent surface microbial breeding, prevention of skin diseases. For oily skin, balance, inhibit sebum secretion, promote wound healing. Aloe oil has the effect of anti tumor, which is effective for Heps, S180, ESC and B16 melanoma tumor. Aromatherapy: aloe oil is made from Aloe transparent jelly, plus for emulsion (liposome) production, contains moisturizing agent, thickening agent and wetting agent. Which contains the pure oil aloe condensate, can give burns, bruises, and the sun after the loss of moisture in the skin of a deeper moisture and nutrients, and quickly repair damaged cells, promote cell regeneration, and make your skin to restore health.


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