Fine fabrics made of pure natural fiber.

A good choice for fashion aficionados, fashion designers, creative minds, colourful home-makers, artists and lovers of Do-It-Yourself Culture (DIY).


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Through intensive fashion and textile research aimed at sourcing excellent fabrics, our expertise enables us to provide access to exclusive and luxurious fashion fabrics as well as trend inspiration for collections and creative projects.

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About siilks

We are a young Berlin e-commerce company – with a focus on the European textile and fashion markets, which specializes in high-quality fabrics from first-class manufactories for fashion professionals, designers and creatives.

Welcome to the Siilks Fabric Store, your exclusive selection of natural fibers!

Siilks Fabric Store, was founded in early 2019. In our online shop you will find a premium selection of attractive items. Passionate, young designers, creative DIYs and fashion-conscious people will find what the heart desires at siilks.

We value excellent products and want to be an alternative in a fast-fashion society in which fine craftsmanship and high-quality fabrics are often undervalued.

It is important to us to conduct our business in a humane and sustainable manner, as well as with a view to the future of our environment.


What is a natural fibre in general?

crop origin
animal origin
crop origin

They were dated years ago. Probably the early people had turned the flax into cords and ropes to connect animal skins together.

Today, vegetable so-called natural fibers are also used for the production of clothing: not only hemp, jute or sisal, but also linen (from the stems of the flax plant) and the extremely popular cotton.

animal origin

An important chapter in the history of human clothing began in the Neolithic period with the production of sheep’s wool. Shepherds probably discovered wool as early as the fourth millennium BC. They recognized this as the ideal raw material for the production of yarns and woven fabrics.

In addition to classic sheep wool, animal natural fibres also include cashmere (from the hair of the cashmere goat), angora (from the hair of the angora rabbits) or silk (from the threads of the silkworm).